Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's To Come As The Blog Continues

Next week as I start the second half of my second year doing the "Cabana Boy Cooks" blog, I'll be cutting back to just 3 posts (days) a week.  The blog posts will continue to come out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

There may be an occasional Friday blog post if that week warrants a forth.  The Friday blog will always be another recipe for that week.

The reason behind the change in the number of posts I do each week has to do with my time.  I am working on a few other projects that will limit the amount of time I have to work on the blog.  None of these projects have happened or started but I'm getting myself ready for the changes as they will impact my current schedule.

I will let you know, through this blog, what and whee involved in these other things.

As always, I'm continually looking for ideas on where people need help in the kitchen or with their cooking. Please let me know if there is some particular item that you would like covered in my blog.

That call for topics is not limited to just folks in the USA.  I have people from over 20 countries that follow this blog with some regularity.  If you have any questions about regional foods in America or how I can help you with foods in your country, just let me know.  If I don't know the answer, I'll do some research and get an answer for you.

This week I have two recipes.  The first comes from, Monica, a young lady that works in the same area as my wife.  It's a dessert recipe for "Chocolate Chip Cheesecake" and was a big hit at the last office pot luck.  I have not tried it but will take the word of my wife as she is the dessert expert in the family.  I will be trying it soon as there are a few others in the family that seem to enjoy desserts.  That will be Thursday.

Because the weather is suppose to be cooling down as we get into October (even though it hasn't yet in our area).  This Friday's recipe will be for "Braised Short Ribs" which is a great stick to your ribs dish.  Braising is a technique for browning meat and then simmering it until tender.  It was made for short ribs.

Have a great week and enjoy the great month of October.  It is one of my favorite months of the year.

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