Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things That Go with Soups & Chili

As we start into the colder weather season it's nice to have something to go with your soup or chili.  Both are great all by themselves but a tasty accompaniment just adds more to the occasion.

I always enjoy some kind of bread when eating soup or chili.  The trick is finding a good bread that enhances the meal.  If you like making breads all the better.  But if that is not your forte I hope you have a great bakery in your town.  When I lived in a smaller town, I made sure each trip to a bigger city counted.  I would buy breads at a good bakery or a place like Panera Bread.  I bring home a good quantity and freeze it.  My suggestion if you are freezing any kind of bread is to make sure it is used up in 60 days or less.  I don't believe bread holds well in freezers for any time over the 60 days.

If you like making or want to try making different types of breads, I have two this week on the blog.  The first one on Wednesday is making a bread bowl to hold your soup or chili and then eat it.  It's called "Parmesan Bread Soup Bowl" and is not difficult to make and great to eat.

Thursday will be for "Corn Bread with Buttermilk & Sour Cream" and is great with chili or ham & bean soup.  I hope you have fun making both of the recipes.

I also want to let you know that I have a cookbook signing coming up on November 17th from 1 to 3 PM at the "Good Food Store Co-op & Backroom Deli" in Rochester, MN.  It is located at 1001 6th St. NW.  Any of you from around the Rochester area please spread the word to family and friends.  The cookbook makes an excellent Holiday gift.

Another item for those in the Rochester area, my cookbook is now available at the Rochester Library.  Someone locally requested they carry it and so they brought it in for their customers.  Any of you reading this from other areas and don't have a copy of the cookbook, please try requesting your library to put the cookbook on their shelves.  I know it is in several other libraries.

This week on Thursday I will be celebrating the first anniversary of the release of  my cookbook More Than Your First Cookbook.  I would like to thank all those who purchased my cookbook.  I hope that it has been helpful to you or the one you bought it for.

Have a great week!

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