Thursday, September 20, 2012

Green & Red Pepper Jelly

Green or Red Pepper Jelly
(6-7 half pint jars)


¾ cup Green Peppers, cored, seeded & rough chop (see note below for the Red jelly)
¼ cup Jalapeno Peppers, cored, seeded & rough chop
1 ½ cups Apple Cider Vinegar
6 cups Sugar
4 oz. Liquid Pectin
As needed Green Food Coloring (make as light or dark as you wish)
As needed Paraffin Wax (see note)


Place the chopped peppers in a food processor and run until you have a fine mince.  In a medium sauce pan, place the processed peppers, vinegar and sugar over medium-high heat and bring to a rolling boil.  Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the pectin and food coloring.  Pour the mixture into the sterilized jars to within a half inch of the top.  Seal with melted paraffin wax to a thickness of ¼ to ½ inch.  After the jelly and wax have cooled, top the jars with lids and store in a dark cool place.  They do not need refrigeration until the wax seal has been removed.

Note:               To make RED pepper jelly (I make this one hotter) just substitute red bell peppers for the green ones.  I then use a Ho Chi Minh pepper (yellow) for the jalapeno.  It has the same heat as an orange habanero pepper but has more body to it.  Then change the food coloring to red.  Enjoy!

Note:               To seal with paraffin wax, please be careful.  Place a small to medium sauce on the stove top with an inch of water in it.  Bring the water to a simmer over medium heat.  Place a disposable foil pie pan on top of the sauce pan.  Cut one slab of wax (4 in a box) into several pieces and carefully place them in the pie pan.  The heat will melt the wax.  Once all the wax in the pie pan has melted, carefully pour over the apple butter in the jars.  Repeat the process until all the jars are sealed.

Note:               To make either jelly hotter you can leave in the seeds of the hot peppers used.

Note:               To sterilize jars, you can place them in boiling water for a few minutes.  USDA guidelines suggest 15 minutes of boiling for the jars.  Be sure to use only clean equipment when making jellies or canning other products.

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