Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gluten-Free Grilling

One of several main categories of food that are naturally gluten-free is Protein.  So summer (or year-round) grilling is a source of enjoyment for many who need to be gluten-free.

You still need to be careful.  Not all hot dogs or brats are gluten-free.  Some purchased marinades or sauces are not gf as well.  The same goes for condiments.  So many times it may be better to make your own.

Thursday’s recipe, “Balsamic Marinated Steak (GF)” is an example of making your own marinade.  And it’s easy and adds great flavor too.

On Wednesday, the recipe has a funny name.  “Burgers, Dogs and Brats” and is more about getting around the bad (and expensive) buns that are gf.  Here we use a tortilla and it’s not a corn one.  We have discovered that “Mission Tortillas” make a “GF Flour Tortilla” that is very good.  Yes, they are more expensive than regular flour tortillas but not as bad as some of the gf buns out there.  We have tried these tortillas for many different uses.  Just use your imagination.

This recipe tells you to shape the burger to look like a hot dog and then wrap it up in the tortilla.  Another shape you could try is to form a half-moon burger patty and make it look like a Quesada in the tortilla.

That imagination I mentioned earlier:  Use it to come up with many different toppings for these tubular treats.  Or try some of the many spreads, burger jams and toppings offered under the recipe tab, “Odds ‘n Ends” above.  Now many are not designated “Gluten-Free” but can easily be made that way by just watching what ingredients/brands you use in them.

So “Happy Cooking” and “Grilling” until next week.  Enjoy and spread the news.  Thanks.

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