Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Try Carrots for your Special Meal Vegetable

I know it is just a few days before Christmas but how about something other than "Green Bean Casserole" for that big meal?  Carrots are one of my favorite vegetables.  So in this week of celebration I've got 2 tasty carrot recipes for you to consider.

Tomorrow, on Wednesday, take a look at "Glazed Carrots & Pecans" which is done on the stovetop.  That helps when the oven is full of other holiday dishes.  It also only takes minutes to prepare.

For Thursday's recipe consider trying "Maple Roasted Carrots" in the oven.  This frees up last minute work before serving if there is room in an oven.

I've not a lot to say this week as I try to finish up shopping, wrap gifts and prep food for the holiday.  So I'll just wish everyone a "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" and may it be a truly happy occasion for you, family and friends.

Next week I'll just post a couple of recipes on Tuesday and Wednesday for your New Year's parties.  That should give you enough time to get the ingredients needed before Thursday night and the countdown to midnight.

"Happy Cooking" and see you next year.

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