Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Super Bowl Party 2015

Well the teams have been decided and Seattle will play New England in the "Super Bowl" on February 1st.  They're not the teams I was hoping for but it should make for a great game.

I'll be rooting for Seattle as their quarterback played for the university of Wisconsin and my wife is a Wisconsin born girl.  Besides I've "Never" been a New England fan.

But enough about the game.  It's second-hand to the "Super Bowl" partying.  We as fans or just watchers of the game have no control over it's outcome.  The "Party" is a totally different animal.  You do control it's fate and success.

I've written over the years in this food blog on planning and being prepared for all angles of throwing the best "Super Bowl Party" in your circle of family and friends.  Go back and look at them before you put your game plan together.  Pick what works best for your location, useable equipment, theme and taste.  Remember to have a good variety of foods and beverages to meet the needs of all guests.

This week I'm giving you a couple of recipes that probably are not in your current playbook.  Just remember that every game plan needs a trick play or two and these might just work for you.  Tomorrow is an easy finger food to make and eat.  Try the "Maple Pecans" recipe to have something you're able to just set around in gathering areas of the party.

Thursday's recipe is for "Chorizo-Filled Dates in Bacon" and here is a hot finger food for the party.  If you are not into Chorizo sausage, then you might try using hot or sweet Italian or Andouille sausage.

I think you'll be surprised by how many guests like these two dishes.  You've got a little time to try them out before the big game too.  Sometimes you just have to have faith in your game plan and stick with it.  So give these a try and let me know if they weren't a big hit for you.

Remember to as you do your planning.  There are quite a few recipes in the different recipe tabs of tis blog that have been big at past Super Bowl Parties.  "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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