Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Good Time for Chili

Winter has been winter here (Minnesota)but not near as bad as last year.  We're thankful for that.  But cold weather gives you the desire for hearty warm food and nothing beats that like "Chili."  It seems to warm your inside like nothing else.

Now some will say that chili is too spicy for them.  But that doesn't need to be the case.  As with any dish you make, you can control the "Heat" level to meet your personal tastes.  I have 2 chili recipes in my cookbook, "More Than Your First Cookbook" and several others under the "Soup" tab on this blog.  All of them plus the 2 new ones offered this week are easily adjusted to make them mild to hotter than the devil.  So don't be intimidated by making chili.

When one hears the word "Chili" they usually think of ground beef, tomatoes and beans in a pot.  That is probably the number one type of chili served in the USA.  But it is far from the only kind of chili out there to make.  There has been a food revolution in the last 20 to 30 years and variety is one of the biggest winners.

This week I'm offering you 2 of those different types or styles of chili.  Tomorrow's recipe for "Two-Tomato Chili" uses cubes of beef and 2 different types of tomato but no beans.  The heat comes from crushed red pepper and you can control the amount or even not use any.

Thursday's recipe of "White Chicken Chili" again uses no beans.  It doesn't use beef or tomatoes either.  It's a easy and quick recipe to put together using rotisserie chicken and tomatillo salsa.  Any heat it has comes from that salsa and Poblano peppers (which are very mild) so you may want to add something if you like it hotter.

Both of these recipes are done on the stove-top but could be done in a slow-cooker too.  You would want to brown the beef chunks in the first one before putting ingredients in the slow-cooker.  Remember the last 2 ingredients are for garnishing when you serve the chili.  For the second recipe just put everything in the slow-cooker and turn it on.

For both of these recipes in a slow-cooker, I would go for about 8 hours on low and 4 hours on high.

I hope you enjoy these change of pace chilies and "Happy Cooking " until next week.  Please be sure to share my blog with family and friends too.  Thanks in advance.

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