Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Time to Start Thinking Soups Again

Hard to believe but it is "Fall" again in the northern hemisphere.  Most of us in Minnesota are hoping for a "Long" fall because winter was too long last year.

But with the coming of fall, we all start to look towards having comfort foods again.  The fall and winter variety is what we're looking for and "Soups & Stews" are a big part of it.  Now I eat soups year-round but now we're talking the "Hearty" ones.

If you go back and check previous blog posts over the years, I've talked about soups and stews several times before.  So I'm not going to get to involved talking about them in this blog post.

With the two new recipes this week, it makes 25 recipes available to you just on this blog.  Most of which fall under the hearty type.  There are 12 more recipes in my cookbook too.  It's enough to get you through a long fall (and winter).  So be sure to try any of these great tasting dishes and let me know what you think.

I found a couple of recipes for this "Soup" blog that are a little out of your usual path.  They include a Jacques Pepin's recipe.  It is for "Chicken Bouillabaisse with Rouille" and requires a little work.  Well worth it though.  The other recipe is for "Spicy Crab Bisque" by Tanya Holland.  Both are very tasty and you will be very happy you tried them.

If you have a favorite soup or stew, please let me know.  I'd be happy to try it and even use it on the blog.  In the meantime, "Happy Cooking" and enjoy sharing my blog too.  Till next week.

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