Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Are You Ready to Tailgate?

For those of you that don't know, I write a monthly food article in a weekly newspaper as well as this blog.  Below is the article from the month of August.  Since most of you don't see those articles, I thought it would be good to share this one on tailgating.

I love August because it means the start of “Football Season” and the anticipation of another great year for the home team.  Of course that means it’s time to start planning those “Tailgate” parties before the game.
I wrote a little about tailgate planning in this column back in September of 2012.  Back then I talked about getting your tailgate team together, knowing who was to do what, reviewing how the tailgating went during the season and practicing your recipes in the off season to be ready.

This time let’s talk about all the “Stuff” we need to bring with us other than the food.  I suggest going out and getting some large plastic containers to hold the items you will always be bringing to your tailgate function.  I’d get a few.

First, let’s have one for general needs.  These items would include a first aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray/candles, flashlights or lanterns and batteries.  Maybe rain ponchos or umbrellas.  When it is cold, hand warmers, portable heaters, blankets, extra stocking-hats and gloves.  I’m sure someone attending will forget one or more of these items.

Second, how about clean-up?  You’ll want items such as large trash bags (work for ponchos too), washcloths, towels, paper towels, Plastic or rubber gloves, disinfectant/sanitizer items including hand wipes because people will eat with their hands.  Something else you should bring is zip-lock bags or plastic containers for leftover food.  Or maybe you want to send some food home with others.

Third, keep all your cooking items together.  Charcoal, lighter (fluid, matches, lighter stick), aluminum foil, grill brushes, spatulas, grill tongs, meat-basting brushes and meat thermometers.  Some of these I’d have two on hand.  What if something breaks?  Which remains me, don’t forget to bring some duct tape.  Hot pads or grill gloves as well as a can/bottle opener would be good to have in this group. Oh I almost forgot, tablecloths are a definite need item.

Lastly, you’ll need to have plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins for those eating.  Disposable or plastic reusable is your call.  Team colors and/or logos would make it even better.  You might also want to bring pitchers for drinks, serving platters for food and serving utensils.  Those disposable metal pans are great for serving food.

I would have all these items stocked, separated and packed for your tailgate season.  That means they should be separate from these type of items you will be using around the house.  You know, this setup works well for picnics during that season too.

I hope my newspaper article helps you get ready for some good times.  I'm including recipes for "Wings with Cherry BBQ Sauce" and a "Pork & Green Chile Stew" that you might want to try at one of your tailgates.  "Happy Cooking" and enjoy.

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