Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Grilling & Summer Dishes

The 4th of July is tomorrow (Wednesday) and it's a big day in the United States of America.  There will be lots of fireworks being shot off and family and friends having picnics and other activities to celebrate the day.  The 4th is probably the number one day of the year for grilling (cook-outs).  Hamburgers and Hot Dogs always lead the way but because of the regional favorites there are many other items being made and eaten.

It may be the biggest but it's not the only day for grilling.  I grill year round (or at least I have for the past 20 some years).  Now with the move north (several hundred miles) the winters could make it a little more interesting.  However, I plan to continue to grill year round.  What's a few snow drifts anyway?

For all of you following my food blog, get out there and enjoy your favorite dishes.  That includes all my Russian blog followers too.  It doesn't matter where you live in the world, grilling (barbecuing) is a universal cooking method.

Please don't just stick to your traditional favorites.  Explore other recipes from time to time.  Each season of grilling should find you trying several (at least) new items (recipes) to expand your taste buds and your cooking abilities.  This is one way for you to continue to grow throughout your life.  Have some adventure for life is too short not to.

Because there is a holiday in the middle of the week, I'm only writing one blog.  But I'm putting 3 recipes on for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Tomorrow's recipe is for a "BBQ Sauce" and it is pretty basic.  You can try different ingredients to spice it up or even sweeten it a little.  Try it first and then see if you need or want to adjust it to your taste.

Thursday has a "Summer Salad" for you to try.  It makes a great addition to whatever entree your making for the meal.  Because the "People in the Know" say we need to eat more fish, I have an easy recipe for "Grilled Salmon.  Salmon is one of the fish that is recommended the most for Omega3 and helping your diet.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and have a great (and safe) 4th of July.

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