Monday, July 30, 2012

End of the Whole Grain Series

I want to thank everyone for following my food blog and helping achieve 9,000 hits.  I hope the information I'm putting out on Cabana Boy Cooks is interesting and helpful to you.  Also that you are trying and enjoying the recipes which now number in excess of 100.  I'm always looking for feed back some all of you that are following  my blog.  Please let me know if you have questions relating to anything in the food world.  It will not only help you but many others as you read Cabana Boy Cooks.

My series of information and recipes involving Whole Grains is wrapping up this week.  Just a few more comments on them and one last recipe on Thursday.

Everyone needs whole grains in their diet.  If you don't get enough through your weekly menus of the food you prepare.  Then, at least, look for good hearty whole grain breads to put into your eating habits.  Depending on where you live dictates your choices.  If you are close to a Great Harvest Bread Company or a Panera Bread check them out.  Maybe you're lucky enough to have a local bakery that produces great breads.  If not, the local grocery stores can take good care of you too.

Besides making sure you have whole grains in your diet, remember to also blend in some other great choices for your menus.  A few good ones include beans, seeds and nuts.

Not everyone loves to eat whole grains especially by themselves.  So be sure to add your favorite ingredients to the recipes to dress them up to your taste buds.  And don't forget to substitute another ingredient for one that you don't like.  I don't like raisins but I do like dried cranberries (which are very good for you) and so I always sub them in recipes for the raisins.  Or I'll eat almost anything that has cashews in the recipe.  So use your imagination as you plan meals and buy groceries.  Remember that eating (even though we have to eat to live) should be enjoyable and fun (and for my dietitian friends-in moderation).

Tomorrow I'm going to talk a little on Eggplant.  Many people don't know what they are missing if eggplants are not in their diet once and awhile.  The recipe on Friday is for Eggplant Parmesan and it is easy, delicious and filling.

Have a great week and happy eating (cooking)!

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