Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fresh Asparagus Season

One of the first vegetables of the spring season is “Asparagus” and I hated it as a kid.  Now days, I can’t wait to get some from the Farmer’s Market.

I love it roasted in the oven or grilled outdoors on one of my grills.  I do it pretty simply too.  I just toss it in olive oil with salt and pepper.

But I’ve been looking for other ways to preparing asparagus and I’ve found two that really take it up a notch.  So this week I’m sharing those recipes with you.

Wednesday’s “Tuscan-Style Asparagus” takes my simple roasted one and adds grape tomatoes and pine nuts along with a few other ingredients to make a dish you’ll want over and over.

“Phyllo Tart with Asparagus and Herbed Ricotta” is Thursday’s offering.  This would be great for a brunch or a slightly upgraded dinner.  It will make an impression on guests.

Some of the big things to remember about “Fresh Asparagus” include picking fresh asparagus.  You want to pick small to medium thick asparagus, it tends to be more tender.  You don’t want rubbery asparagus either.  Check the bend of it.  Also check the tops.  They should be firm.

If you are not using your asparagus right away, stand it up in a large glass or vase with an inch or two of water in it.  Refrigerate until needed and change water every day.

The best way to trim asparagus is to just hold it in both hands and see where near the bottom third it wants to snap.  I do this to each piece because it varies on each spear.  But some like to do just one and then line up the remaining and cut with a knife the same spot.  Do whichever works best for you.

Enjoy the season and get your fill.  The season is not that long.  “Happy Cooking” to all until next week and please share the link with others.  Always looking for feedback too.

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