Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Several Asked about Low-Carb Soups

I had several responses from the soup blog week.  So I'm going to talk a little more on soup.  The questions had to do with "healthy" soups.  I'm going to make a statement that I have no factual information on.  "I believe most soups/chilis/stews are good for you".  Now some of them may be too high in sodium, carbohydrates or something else for your diet.  But most of these dishes can be adjusted to help fit your needs.

Most of the questions I received concerned low-carb soups.  So let's tackle that first.  I have two recipes coming out on this week's blog.  They are both oriental soups.  The first is for a "Thai Chicken Soup" and then the classic "Egg Drop Soup."  These two soups come in at 15 grams and 2 grams respectfully.

I'm going to use 20 grams and below per serving as being low-carb.  Each of you watching your carbohydrate consumption probably have a different number for what you want to stay below.  I'm just putting out choices for you.  Remember that you can make adjustments to the recipe or change the portion size to what will work for you.

My cookbook More Than Your First Cookbook has 12 soup recipes in it.  Of those recipes, 7 of them offer less than 20 carbs per serving.  The three that are the lowest come in at 8, 11 and 13 grams.  They are in that same order; "Barry's Chili (No Beans)", "Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup" and "Chicken Noodle Soup." 

With this weeks two soup recipes, I now have 10 soup recipes on the blog.  I have not had nutritional information done on any of the recipes appearing in the blog as of now.  I'll have to talk to my dietitian and see if I can get her to do some work on it.  But as I look at those recipes, my guess is that at least half of them will come in under the 20 gram amount per serving.

I will address both low-sodium and low-fat soups in future blogs over this winter season.  If you have any specific questions on these two types of soup please let me know so I can do a little research before blogging on the subject.  Thank you.

As we are starting to get into the holiday season I'll remind you that my cookbook makes a great gift to someone who needs a little help in the kitchen.  The newest thing about the cookbook is that it is available as an e-book for most of your devises.  You can order the e-book through my website for just $10.00.  It seems to be the new way for this coming generation.

Also a quick reminder that I'm doing a cookbook signing on Saturday, November 17th at the Good Food Store Co-op in Rochester, Minnesota from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.  Please come if you are close and tell her family and friends.  Thanks and have a great week.

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