My Favorite Links

Below are links to websites that I like and use.  They include sites with more recipes, more cooking information, food products and equipment.  They are not in any particular order.  Please check them out and see if they can't help you a little more in your kitchen.  I will add more as I find sites that I like and believe will help you with your cooking.

Another good link for whole grain and rice products.

Indian Harvest Company

The link below has information on whole grains.

Nutrition Action Health Letter

Cooking Sweet Corn on the Cob
If you hate shucking ears of corn and ending up with all the stringy silks to pick off, try this.  It is absolutely unbelievable and yet so simple.  I wonder what took the world so long to figure this out.  

Artisan Italian at Dakota Earth

Dakota Earth is an Organic Farm that sells product at "Farmer's Markets" during season.  Check their site for locations.  Another part of Dakota Earth is Artisan Italian.  Artisan Italian makes organic flavored pasta.  Their products can be bought on-line as well as from select stores.  Again, check the site for store locations.

Olive Destination

Olive Destination is a retail store in Sioux Falls, South Dakota which specializes in olive oils and balsamic vinegar's.  They also sell associated products.  You can buy their products both in the store and on-line.

Windy Wine Co.

Windy Wine Co. makes wine.  They are located in Osborn, Missouri and offer their product in limited stores and can ship to you as well.  They have set wines that they make and are always coming up with a few new varieties each season.

Emily Bites

Emily Bites is a blog for healthy eating and gives WeightWatcher points on all recipes.  Emily offers some unique tasty recipes well worth trying.

Everyday Gourmet

Everyday Gourmet is a blog encouraging healthy eating.  Alexi is a chef who shares her healthy recipes as well as those of others.

Tenuta's Deli & Grocery Store

Tenuta's is my favorite ethnic grocery store and is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  It is an Italian deli and grocery store selling great Italian foods.  They sell on-line as well as in the store.  They are worth a visit if you are in the area (just north of Chicago) of southeast Wisconsin.

American's Test Kitchen

This is a great site for recipes, techniques, product recommendations and good general knowledge.  They also publish several cooking magazines and of course cookbooks.  Some aspects of the site may cost a membership.